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About us





We will do a comprehensive audit of your project, identify its strengths and weaknesses, analyze all kinds of funnels, customer communication, retention, UI / UX, and customer journey. We will show where you are losing profit and determine the points of growth of the project.


Working with WLC

Your wlc project will start to make profit! We help to earn gambling and betting projects at such platforms: Softswiss, Softgamings, Betconstruct, Slotegrator, Inbet and others. We organize work in accordance with the requirements of the platform, and help to integrate payment systems and providers. We work under licenses of Curacao, Malta, as well as local ones. We do not just launch the project, but control it at every stage, helping you to recoup your investment and make profit.


Projects operation

After contacting us, you will not think about legal nuances, project development and technical issues. We undertake all these aspects. We will analyze the market, develop a project with a unique design, provide technical support and promotion in any geo. And of course, we will be in touch 24/7 for any of your questions.



Our support goes beyond the template. We solve any client's problem with care, professionalism, and an individual approach. The goal is an extremely positive experience and user loyalty. Do you want to win your client? Make their customer experience stand out.



Earn more with less effort through a long-term customer relationship. We improve the quality of customer interaction with you, turning him into a loyal user. We create marketing by communication channels, promotions and interactions and offer what works exactly for your player in terms of BI-indicators. We set up processes in the CRM system or simply in the admin panel, working with both large segments and VIP management. Our model provides passive income without constant traffic, just with the resources that are already available.



We provide a full cycle of search engine promotion of a project: SEO at the development stage, link building, internal optimization, link buying, pbn creation and others. Our team consists of specialists with many years of experience in SEO optimization of sites in the CIS market and beyond. We work in different spheres and have experience working with both large e-commerce and gambling projects.



Our specialists have successfully passed Google Ads and Facebook certification, and effectively launch advertising for gambling, betting and e-commerce. We set up systems for automatic adjustment of bids to keep a specific position in the search results. We make ads that successfully pass moderation and work effectively. We have a thorough knowledge of all the tools of contextual advertising.


Payments & Fraud monitoring

Our specialists provide services for user verification, monitoring payments of deposits and withdrawals, as well as continuous identification of fraudulent clients and multi-accounts. With us, you do not need to worry about the safety of your funds - we will secure everything for you at the highest level! Moreover, we will provide your payments with the highest possible throughput, and the project - with conversion, since we have many years of experience of successful cooperation with various high-risk merchants.


Favbet favbet.com
  1. Optimized the registration funnel
  2. Reduced the player acquisition cost by 2.5 times
Bao casino baocasino.com
  1. Optimized the process of making a deposit
  2. Increased the conversion from registration to deposit by 2 times
Zlodei zlodei.space
  1. Developed and implemented new UX strategy
  2. Attracted 10+ large projects in the first 3 months
Stream bet streambet.com
  1. Launched the project at the Latin American market
  2. ROMI in the first month was 52%
Kraken Casino krakencassino.com
  1. Formed and implemented retention strategy
  2. Increased LTV by 3.8 times
Swin swin.casino
  1. Launched the project at the Indian market
  2. ROMI in the first 3 months was 130%
Oasis oasisloto.com
  1. Optimized the project for a new geo in 1 month
  2. Average ftd cost in India was $20
Jack jack21.com
  1. Implemented fraud monitoring system
  2. Prompt identification of fraudsters helped to optimize costs



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